What Is A Chain Block And Lever Block?

What is a Chain block and lever block?

The chain hoist is a lifting tool with a welded chain as a flexible carrier. It can be used alone or in combination with a manual

 monorail to form a lifting trolley for manual beam cranes or overhead monorail transportation systems. Commonly used 

chain hoists are HS type and HSZ type (heavy grade), rated lifting capacity is 0.5 ton~20 tons, used for lifting molten metal or

 toxic, flammable and dangerous goods, installing precision equipment or explosion-proof electric The hoist can run at a 

speed of two speeds, and its ratio of normal speed to slow speed is generally (1:4)~(1:3).

  The lever hoist is a hoist that is used by humans to pull the wire rope or chain through the handle to help move the pick-up

 device. It is widely used in shipyard splicing and welding and joint tightening of high-voltage transmission lines in the power

 sector. Agriculture, forestry and transportation The transportation department's items are hoisting, bundling and vehicle

 towing, as well as equipment installation, correction and machine traction in factories, construction, post and 

telecommunications departments. The hand hoist is divided into a wire rope hoist and a chain hoist according to its bearing 




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