What Is A Lifting Shackle?

What is a lifting shackle?

Shackle mainly divided into two types: Anchor shackle and Chain shackle; also we can call it Bow type shackle and Bolt/Dee type shackle. 

Shackle are widely used in riggings industry, oil & gas, lifting industry, construction and etc.

The shackle body is made of high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy steel  due to different use envionrment with die 

forging and heat treatment.

The shackle test load is 2 times the ultimate working load, and the breaking load is 4 times the ultimate working load. 

Main use and scope of application The shackle can be used for the rigging end fittings and is directly connected to the 

hoisting object during lifting work. The shackle can be used between the rigging and the end fittings, only for connection. 

When the rigging is used with the beam, the shackle can be used for the rigging tip instead of the sling to connect to the 

lower ear plate of the beam for easy installation and disassembly. The shackle is the most widely used connecting tool in 

lifting operations, and the hoisting is mainly used for the connection parts that are frequently installed and disassembled.

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