What is Plastic Injection Molding?

There will be a series of articles for plastic injection molding knowledge updated regularly. This is for the basic knowledge of plastic injection molding.


The Basics of Plastic Injection Molding


Plastic injection molding is the most often-used manufacturing process for plastic components. It allows the plastic to be various items with all shapes and sizes more flexible by injection molding techniques. Usually, the plastic injection molding process is that inject the melting plastic to a steel mould(which is called plastic injection mould) by a plastic injection moulding machine, and then a plastic product is created after cooling and mould open & ejection.


How Does Plastic Injection Molding Work


The Applications of Plastic Injection Molding


Thanks to its high-precision, repeatability, and cost efficiency at scale, plastic injection molding is the most common method for mass-production of plastic product(near everything), such as chairs and tables, kitchen utensils, toys, containers, many car parts, bottle caps, etc.


The Key Steps of Plastic Injection Molding


– Material Melting: when the material is melting well by machine, the final product could be made well and this also including the material choosing and other pre-processes.

– Injection: the melted material would be injected quickly to the mould by the machine. For this part, the balance of injection should be paid attention.

– Clamping: it means keeping the two parts of mould closed; otherwise, the melted plastic would flow outside the moulds.

– Cooling: Just like that the melted material has been the shape in mould, after cooling, then it would be hard enough or won’t be changed usually.

– Ejection: After cooling, the mould would open, and then the plastic part or parts could be ejected.


Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding


That’s why we apply the plastic injection molding technology in plastic products manufacturing majorly.


a. The more flexible molding for plastic products

Because the melting plastic could flow more smoothly and freely under the pressure offered by injection moulding machine, so the product structure can be more flexible while using the plastic injection molding.


b. Lower scrap rates of plastic products

By this way, plastic injection molding can produce the products completely, no need finishing work which would damage products.


c. High cost-efficiency

Due to the stable and efficient production, once the initial costs have been paid, the cost per product as the time goes would be extremely low.


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