What is the material composed of inside silicone mask core?

silicone face mask is mainly composed of silicone mask inner core and the mask’main body . silicone mask inner core is mainly used to filter toxic gas and dust in the air, It is a very important role of silicone dust mask. Silicone mask has a filter core layer,It is reusable, so what is the material composed of inside silicone mask core?


Silicone face mask inner core is also called filter core piece, It through a variety of filter materials composite together, and then it formed a filter high level of the mask inner core. There are three kinds of materials commonly used for the silicone mask inner core: fusion-sprayed cloth, needle-punched cotton, ordinary non-woven cloth, etc.


Melt spraying cloth is responsible for filtering, needling cotton is responsible for dust, filtration, cleaning, moisture resistance, dust, etc., ordinary non-woven cloth is responsible for ordinary barrier. A lot of materials are combined with the filter element, its protective effect is obvious.

Some silicone masks add filters to the filter layer in order to increase the flow of breath.

Filter in order to increase the sense of breathing fluency,  the wind blow on the mouth and nose by fan.


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