What is the precision CNC machining technology ?

Nowadays, with the development of industry, it is becoming more and more powerful, it is in full swing in the industry. Many businesses have seen the benefits and have joined the industry. Precision cnc machining parts processing is one of them, then the parts are What kind of thing,
Precision CNC machining parts processing:Parts, which are non-separable individual parts of machinery, are the basic components of the machine and the basic unit in the mechanical manufacturing process. 
The manufacturing process generally does not require an assembly process. Such as: bushings, bushings, nuts, crankshafts, blades, gears, cams, connecting rods, connecting rods, etc.  The above is the answer to the part. From the above text, we can know what kind of thing it is. In the industrial industry, it is an indispensable thing. It is a kind of accessory in the product. The basic components of the machine,
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