What is uncomfortable now is Qualcomm, MediaTek and Apple no longer talk about martial arts

According to the shipment data of SoC chips in the Chinese smartphone market in the third quarter released by CINNO Research, Qualcomm is still ranked second after MediaTek, and this is the fifth consecutive quarter that Qualcomm has ranked second.

However, from the perspective of shipment data, Qualcomm has tied with MediaTek. With Honor and Huawei starting to use Qualcomm chips in large quantities, it is expected that in the fourth quarter, Qualcomm is expected to surpass MediaTek and regain the top spot.

What is uncomfortable now is Qualcomm, MediaTek and Apple no longer talk about martial arts

But what people didn’t expect was that MediaTek immediately stopped talking about martial arts and launched a Dimensity 9000 chip, which was the same as Qualcomm’s launch of the Snapdragon 888 last year. It started to break the convention in terms of naming.

Of course, the name is not really important. The important thing is that the Dimensity 9000 is aggressive, with 10 world firsts, and it is the first TSMC 4nm process. Judging from the running points of the Dimensity 9000, it exceeds the percentage, which is better than the Snapdragon Dragon 888+ is much stronger.

Judging from the GeekBench score released by MediaTek, it also exceeds 4000 points. The multi-core performance is comparable to Apple’s A15, but it has an advantage in power consumption, which completely surpasses Qualcomm.

In the past, MediaTek’s chips were mostly used in the low-end and mid-range, and the high-end was not the opponent of Qualcomm. Therefore, although MediaTek’s share exceeds that of Qualcomm, at least Qualcomm still maintains the last decent, and the high-end is still very strong.

But the Dimensity 9000 performs so well, it is entirely possible to truly enter the high-end market and take away Qualcomm’s job, and Qualcomm’s final dignity will not exist.

Judging from the current situation, Xiaomi, OV, and Honor will all use this Dimensity 9000 chip, and even Samsung is rumored to be interested, which is quite a blow to Qualcomm.

In fact, it is not only MediaTek that does not talk about martial arts, but suddenly launches high-end chips to grab the Qualcomm market, but Apple does not talk about martial arts. According to Qualcomm, by 2023, only 20% of Apple’s models are expected to use Qualcomm’s baseband.

The implication is that the other 80% of the baseband chips may be developed by Apple, so this is another big blow for Qualcomm.

After all, Apple now uses Qualcomm’s baseband, and a large part of Qualcomm’s revenue also comes from Apple. If Apple suddenly does not use Qualcomm’s baseband, it will be a huge loss to Qualcomm.

So next, it’s really the most uncomfortable time for Qualcomm. MediaTek grabs Qualcomm’s job, and Apple wants to stay away from Qualcomm, so Qualcomm has set its sights on the PC field and the field of autonomous driving.

The involution of mobile phone chips and mobile phone basebands is so powerful that everyone does not talk about martial arts. Qualcomm only has cross-border and no martial arts. It challenges manufacturers such as intel and nvidia.

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