What kind of hardware can be machined by CNC machine?

What kind of hardware can be machined by cnc machine?This question will relate to many industries,like our mobile phone,lot of components are machined by CNC.The very popular mobile Android, its case are CNC machined.And lots of popular aluminium iPhone case are also produced by cnc machining.CNC machines are always used to machining complex and precision components,moulds,copper electrode,prototype,etc.Below are some examples that we are familiar which can produced by CNC machining:*components for mechanical equipment:like ammeter automatic verification equipment,pipeline inspection equipment,robotic,etc.CNC machined components for telecommunication:like mobile phone,telephone,fax machine,video door phone,camera,etc.CNC machined aluminium iPhone case *components for household electrical appliances:like television,air condition,display,boiler,coffee maker,electric cooker,juicer,etc. CNC machined components for medical devices:like X ray apparatus,dialyzer,patient monitor,etc.CNC machined medical device components for automotive industry:like shaft,clutch parts,motorcycle spare parts,instrument panel,lamp shade,etc.CNC machined auto partsIt’s just a few examples for CNC machining.Actually there are still many other kinds of components can be machined by CNC.Lemo is a professional supplier of precision CNC machined components. We can provide CNC milling,CNC turning,grinding,drilling,tapping,threading,etc to you.Small batch is acceptable. Pls kindly contact us : [email protected] www.ptjmachining.com
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