What Makes A High Quality Rigging Shackles

What makes a  high quality rigging shackles?


      The shackle(bow shackle and chain shackle) is an important connecting piece and a very important part of the lifting and 

hoisting work. The shackle is relatively round and can be connected to the wire rope buckle and the lifting ear to protect the

 wire rope. So how do you visually determine whether it is a good shackle?


       Firstly is shackle surface, shackle surface treatment is generally galvanized (hot-plated and electroplated), coated, 

plated with crochet, rigging through the surface treatment to form a dense protective film, anti-corrosion and anti-rust 

effect, Not only makes the shackle more beautiful but also more durable. The high-quality shackle is mostly plated, looks 

smooth and smooth, and has a uniform color.


       Secondly is the shackle material, the better shackle material on the market is high-grade alloy steel. All our material is 

traceable supplies by the government steel mill. The shackle of this material is strong and wear-resistant, corrosion-

resistant and not easy to break.



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