What should I pay attention to when machining Peek?

During the drilling process, we strongly recommend the use of coolant, especially cut-sensitive materials such as PAI, PI, PBI and carbon fiber or glass fiber reinforced products. In order to minimize local overheating and prolong tool life, coolant must be used.
1. Turning: Turning operations require front-facing tools with grinding and chamfering all around. This tool reduces the accumulation of chips at the incision and improves the surface finish. For turning operations, fine-grained C-2 carbide tools are the best.
2. Drilling: The heat insulation of the plastic should be considered during the cutting operation, especially when the hole depth is more than twice the diameter.
3. Threading and tapping: For threading, a cemented carbide knife is used for single-point cutting, and the feed is 0.001 inches in the final 4-5 passes. It is recommended to use coolant when threading. For tapping, use a double chip flute tap, and pay attention to the tap not to accumulate chips. It is recommended to also use coolant when tapping.
4. Milling: When the table feed is large and the rotation speed of the milling machine mandrel is high, the plastic workpiece must be clamped firmly. When milling a plane, both a front milling cutter and a cutter are used
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