What Should We Notice For Lifting Hook?

What should we notice for lifting hook?


 Lifting hooks can be seen from the name, which is used in the lifting industry and is one of the more common lifting 


      The role that the lifting hook is often used is its lifting effect. How can it be lowered to reduce the accident? Let's take a 

 look for how should we use the lifting hooks when lifting:

  1.When lifting heavy objects, try lifting first to ensure that the brakes are reliable and can be operated;

  2.When lifting the bottom objects, it is strictly forbidden to pull the joystick to the end. The handle should be slowly moved

 some distance. At this time, the lifting hook is raised at a low speed. After the heavy object starts to move, slowly pull the 

handle to the end. Heavy hooks are lifted at full speed.

  3.When stopped, as described above, the control handle is slowly returned to the neutral position, that is, it is stopped by

 the full speed and deceleration. Do not move the clutch lever freely during lifting operations.

      The correct lifting method of the lifting hook is to first pull the drum clutch lever in the "lifting" position and pull the 

lever backward, the lifting hook is lifted, and the lifting lever lifting hook is lowered forward.

      The middle of the joystick, the lifting hook is lifted and stopped.

      Through the understanding of the operation method in the lifting process of the lifting hook, it is believed that 

unnecessary accidents and hazards can be avoided as much as possible in the future.



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