What’s behind Sweden’s temporary lifting of its ban on Huawei and ZTE

According to Reuters news, on November 9, Sweden’s telecom regulator PTS (Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority) suspended a 5G spectrum auction on the same day, after a court partially suspended a PTS decision that put Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. With ZTE excluded from the construction of Sweden’s 5G network. The operator has been notified of the auction suspension and will assess the possibility of launching as soon as possible, PTS said.

What’s going on behind this?

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Previously, on October 21, PTS announced that it would prohibit companies participating in the 5G spectrum auction next month (that is, November) from using Huawei or ZTE’s 5G equipment, and the parts of Huawei or ZTE equipment in use must be replaced by early 2025. . As a result, Sweden has also followed the steps of the Five Eyes alliance countries to restrict Chinese companies from participating in their 5G construction. The reason given by the Swedish authorities for the ban was also “a national security risk”.

Huawei appealed.

The Stockholm Administrative Court said in its ruling that part of the PTS decision before the 5G spectrum auction will not be implemented until further notice. The move effectively temporarily lifts the ban on Huawei and ZTE, allowing Huawei to participate in Sweden’s upcoming 5G spectrum auction.

Regarding this ruling, Kenneth Fredriksen, executive vice president of Huawei’s Central and Eastern Europe and Nordic region, said that Huawei has no plans to take more legal action at this stage and is waiting for a constructive dialogue with the Swedish authorities. “We are willing to fully cooperate on their future requirements for 5G equipment suppliers to make us a qualified supplier,” he said.

Sweden’s 5G spectrum auction was originally scheduled to start today (November 10), and the ban on Huawei and ZTE may benefit Nokia and Ericsson.

“This is not a victory for Huawei, nor is it a loss for the Swedish government,” Reuters quoted industry consultant John Strand as saying. “Uncertainty related to the auction conditions is the reason for PTS to suspend the auction.”

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