When the mechanical parts are processed, the CNC milling machine will be selected.

How to choose a machine tool for each process? This is a topic that every part processing practitioner will care about.  Lemo mechanical parts processing experience tells you that the advantages and functions of CNC milling machine should be fully utilized when selecting CNC milling machine parts. The main contents are: the contour of the curve on the workpiece, especially the contour of the curve such as non-circular curve and list curve; the space surface; the processing part of the precision mechanical parts with complicated shape, large size, difficult marking and detection. After obtaining the drawings provided by the customer, the drawings of the parts should be analyzed first, and the following questions should be considered in the analysis:  1. Correct labeling of precision mechanical parts: Since the machining program is programmed with accurate coordinate points, the relationship between the geometric elements of the graphic (such as tangency, intersection, vertical and parallel) should be clear. The conditions of the geometric elements should be sufficient, and there should be no excess dimensions that cause contradictions or closed dimensions of the process arrangement. For example, when the parts are programmed with the same milling cutter and the same tool radius compensation value, it is difficult to ensure that the dimensions are within the dimensional tolerance range due to the different dimensional tolerances of the precision machining parts. The method is to take into account the size of the public relations, in the programming calculation, change the contour size and move the tolerance band to the symmetrical tolerance, using the same milling cutter and the same tool radius compensation value processing.  2. The size and consistency of the arc radius of the inner wall of a precision mechanical part affects the processing capacity, processing quality and number of tool changes. Therefore, the size of the radius of the transfer arc should be reasonable, and the radius should be as uniform as possible. At least the radius should be grouped together to improve the milling process.
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