Where are the different CNC processing procedures reflected ?

One,  1, different precision cnc machining,   The 3D printed hand board is rough and the precision is low. The precision of the cnc machine is high. Generally, it can reach ten or ten wires. The metal hand plate processed by the high-speed drilling center can be reached in precision.
  2, the cost is different  3D printing processing programming is easier to use than CNC programming, and it is charged by gram. Therefore, the light weight of the hand board can be selected for 3D printing processing. The large and heavy hand board advocates that CNC machining will be more affordable.
  two,  CNC processing materials are more extensive, it can process all kinds of plastics and metals (such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.), and its travel is also relatively large, at least more than 1 meter, like the gantry machine tool, processing planning can even The whole piece is planned for two to three meters. Since the data used for 3D printing is liquid, the characteristics of the 3D printing hand board are not comparable to those of the CNC machine. In terms of strength, the strength of the 3D printed hand-made board is relatively poor, and cracks are simply generated on the top of the screw; in the high temperature resistance, the PC hand-made board is not deformed at a high temperature of 90 degrees, and the 3d printing is in the It will be deformed in the case of 60 degrees. Since the CNC hand is machined directly on the board, the characteristics of all aspects are better. The difference between the two is still very large.
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