Why do they say that Fangtian mold management software system is good? Turns out it makes sense

Fangtian mold management software system, with engineering design as the leader, process guidance production, planning management as the core, overall arrangement of resources, through the two major planning systems of MPS and APS, management from intention order to mold quotation, project control, design management, The entire life cycle of material procurement/inventory management, manufacturing, assembly, mold trial/commissioning, mold maintenance and maintenance.

Software highlights:

Taking the management of the processing and production process as the core, taking into account the overall needs of enterprise informatization, the mold enterprise implements the entire process of informatization management from order to delivery to ensure quality, reduce costs and shorten the mold production cycle, and effectively improve the enterprise Production process to maximize profits.

Module introduction:

●Quotation Management

Provide support for your accurate quotation according to the mold cost, CAD data, cost statistics table, etc. in the mold process library. It not only ensures the competitive strength of the quotation, but also allows you to get the most benefits from it.

●Order and project management

Unified management of project orders, drawings and files to ensure data integrity. Project cost management, all expenses are clear and clear. Order simulation, estimate the delivery date, and assist in business negotiations.

●APS advanced scheduling

Intuitively, conveniently and quickly complete the completion time and person in charge of each stage of mold development; guide and restrict the detailed design plan, purchase detailed plan and processing detailed plan, etc., and produce various reports for customers to view.

●Design Management

The design process is standardized and streamlined, and real-time understanding of design progress, changes, and exceptions. It can be integrated with common CAD design software to automatically obtain BOM list information to ensure the consistency of design data.

●Process preparation management

Standardized and convenient process design to realize collaborative design. Automatically generate BOM, realize the parallel processing of design and manufacturing. Quickly define process dependencies. Establish a typical process knowledge base, accumulate mature processes, and avoid the loss of corporate knowledge caused by the flow of talents. Customized process card, automatically generated monitoring bar code.

●Workshop production optimization scheduling

Guarantee the delivery date of all orders of the company. While ensuring the order delivery time, optimize the workshop production plan. Provide reasonable optimization levels and optimization target settings, more flexible scheduling, and stronger production controllability. Maximize the internal production capacity of the company and avoid unreasonable overtime and outsourcing. Maximize the load balance of enterprise production resources (equipment, manpower) and achieve balanced production. Provide resource load diagrams, which are more intuitive and convenient for early warning of key equipment and key processes. Early warning of the risk of possible delay of molds, automatic and reasonable arrangements for overtime and outsourcing.

●Workshop real-time monitoring

Barcode technology, parts are associated with barcodes, the identification is unique, and management is easier. Swipe card monitoring is simple and easy to operate, and it is convenient for employees to operate. Flexible handling of special situations such as shift change, multi-person processing one process, one person operating multiple machines, urgent parts insertion, and exchange processes. Workshop data collection and statistics are objective, real-time and accurate. Quality inspection is included in the monitoring to minimize the loss caused by quality inspection problems. The employee performance appraisal is based on evidence. The data is updated in real time, and real-time query is provided. The supervisor can check the latest parts processing status, mold progress and order progress without leaving home. Be informed of abnormal information at any time and deal with it in time.

●Statistical analysis and decision-making

Support statistics, analysis and comparison of data. Customize various reports for customers. Cost, quality and performance are clear. Support order business negotiation, quotation, delivery date, etc.

●Material Management

Covers design, procurement, warehouse, and processing. Designers participate in material selection to improve material utilization. Set the minimum inventory and automatically send out replenishment notifications. Realize material demand management, purchase management and warehouse management.

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