Why Eye Hook Is Popular In Rigging And Lifting Industry?

Why Eye Hook is popular in rigging and lifting industry?

The eye hook has the advantages of light weight, convenient use, no damage to the surface of the suspended object, stable lifting, safety, high strength, bright color, improved labor efficiency, cost saving, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, etc. widely.

According to industry habits, we use the rigid material picking device used for lifting and lifting operations as a spreader, such as: eye hook, grab, clip Clamps, suction cups, special spreaders, etc.; lifting eye hooks are called rigging for flexible tools that tie the workpiece, such as: wire rope, chain, synthetic fiber sling, etc.; end fittings are commonly used with rings, shackles , rope card, etc.

I. Determining the operation plan Lifting operation is a special type of work that is technically strong and dangerous, requiring multiple people to cooperate with each other, coordinate with each other, and conduct unified command. Therefore, the operators must undergo strict training and be certified to work. Before carrying out the work, it is necessary to analyze and calculate the environment, the weight lifting route, the weight and center of gravity of the work site, the selection of the rigging, and the equipped lifting equipment to correctly calculate the lifting plan.

Second, the correct use of the eye hook:
1. The user should be familiar with the performance, precautions and scrapping standards of all kinds of eye
hooks and their end fittings.

2. The selected eye hook should be compatible with the shape characteristics and specific requirements of the workpiece to be hoisted. If it is not used, it must not be used.

3. Before the operation, check the eye hook and its accessories, and confirm that it is in good condition before use.

4. Before hanging, the cable should be selected correctly; before lifting, it should be confirmed whether the binding is firm.

5. The spreader and accessories shall not exceed its rated lifting capacity. The lifting eye hook sling shall not exceed the maximum working load under its corresponding hanging state.

6. Damage to the eye hooks and accessories should be prevented during the operation. If necessary, corner protection should be added at the corners.

7. The eye hook should be inspected regularly during the period of use. If conditions permit, the spreader and end fittings of large tonnage and important products should be inspected.

8, avoid tearing the sewing chain or overload work

9. When moving the sling, don't drag it.

10. Avoid forcing or oscillating loads.



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