Why is the rulers used for precision CNC machining mechanical parts?

Why is the processing of cnc machining parts so very important ? Mechanical parts processing effect is obvious?
First, the processing of the industry, the industry's work is the choice of machinery, especially the processing of metal parts, or CNC bed processing, or cams, or splitters and other accessories, such accessories precision The requirements are relatively high, the general workmanship can not reflect the price, so we must understand that mechanical parts processing is also necessary.
The second measuring tool is a measuring tool and means for ensuring the processing quality of mechanical parts in the machining workshop. The accuracy of the measuring tool determines the precision control of the machined product. The accuracy of the measuring tool is not enough, and the measurement result is not accurate, so it is impossible to truly confirm whether the product is qualified or not. . Commonly used measuring tools are: ordinary calipers, digital calipers, depth calipers, with dial gauge calipers, micrometers (inner diameter, outer diameter), depth micrometers, tooth thickness, common gauge micrometers, height gauges, common depth gauges, feeler gauges, inside and outside Thread gauge, R gauge, dial gauge, dial gauge, gauge block gauge, roughness control specimen, altimeter, projector, three-coordinate 3 dimensional, 2 dimensional and so on.
  The third turbine flow gap measurer is specifically designed for the measurement of through-flow gaps for routine maintenance of power plants. Similar to the wedge feeler gauge, it is suitable for measurement of all units and has a precision digital display on the measuring head so that the gap value can be read directly during the measurement process. The accuracy is 0.01mm, which is both intuitive and intuitive. accurate.
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