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In some difficult-to-machine, high-speed milling and other high-end manufacturing fields, there is still a certain gap between the quality of Chinese rigid end mills and the world's first-line brand tools.
For example: milling cutters for high hardness materials, high-speed milling cutters, titanium alloy milling cutters, graphite milling cutters, aeronautical fusion material milling cutters, precision milling cutters, etc.These rigid end mills have a high added value, and the main market share is occupied by foreign manufacturers, such as Sandvik, Kenner, Daijie, Hitachi, Frasa, Prototyp, SGS, Jabro, OSG, Hanita, LMT and so on.
According to an incomplete census, the Chinese market had about 1.5 billion yuan of demand for high-end rigid end mills in 2010, and the localization rate was close to 30%.The challenges facing now and the areas that need improvement include: mechanical and structural characteristics: hardness, strength, abrasion resistance; thermal and chemical characteristics: heat resistance, insulation, and catalytic properties; biological characteristics: adaptability, insecticidal characteristics Electronic and optical characteristics: reflective, translucent, etc.
Common tools in the Chinese market are high-speed steel tools, hard alloy tools, cermet tools, and PCD / PCBN super-hard tools. Except for complex forming tools such as blade root milling cutters, gear hobs, broaches, and taps, high-speed steel tools are mostly low-end tools with large quantities and low value.
With the rapid upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the continuous promotion of excellent cutting techniques and hard alloy tools, high-speed steel tools have been shrinking in the domestic market, and their share is now less than 60%; cermets remain in the precision turning of steel and cast iron. Advantage, its market share is about 2%; ceramic tools have been promoted in the field of high-speed milling, especially aviation difficult to process materials, accounting for about 1% of the market share; the market share of PCD / PCBN superhard materials is about 2%, mainly Focus on the processing of non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals.
The current status of hardened drills. The drilling process is the forming process under the conditions of poor cooling and chip removal. The technical requirements are high, so the added value of the drill product is also high. The products of high-end hardened drills are mainly used in automobiles, aviation, engineering machinery, high-speed rail, power equipment, power equipment, refrigeration equipment and other high-end precision machining fields.The high-end hardened drills commonly used in the Chinese market today are mainly from developed countries in Europe, the United States, and Japan, Such as: Sandvik, Kenner, Cobalt, Titanx, Mapa, and Japan's Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, and Oishi .Most companies have large stocks of standard drills in Singapore or mainland China, and they also put some non-standard drills in China.The quality of drill products in South Korea and Taiwan is not strong, so it is rare in the market.
We must face up to the gap between Chinese tool companies and foreign companies, including basic technology, new capabilities, promotion capabilities and service capabilities. User needs and cutting tool companies should become the new leader. Leading companies should take the lead in demonstration in the field of technology applications.
Some key domestic enterprises and new-type excellent private enterprises have taken a very gratifying step in issuing modern and efficient tools, such as Zhuzhou Diamond, Xiamen Jinlu, and Anuo Tools. These companies attach great importance to technological progress and put service first Relevant areas have achieved remarkable results.
The main range of products manufactured by LEMO company is in the industries of cnc machining : electronics, Automation, communications, medical, and automated production equipment. 
We have rich experience in processing kinds of Materials following:such as: AL 6061 / 6082/ 7075, SUS 303 / 304, ESD225 / 420, DERLIN, S136H, SS440C, 17-4PH, stainless steels,Ceramic,Carbide, Brass, Copper, Bronze,Plastic PEEK, etc. 

In addition, we can provide customers with some special processing, special heat treatment and special electroplating, surface treatment, 
such as optical grinding, boring, precision EDM special processing, carburizing, nitriding, vacuum heat treatment, ultra-low temperature treatment. Hard oxidation of aluminum parts , 
Blue steel, electrolytic polishing, electroless nickel, silver plating, gold plating, etc.
For more details, Welcome to check our website: www.ptjmachining.com
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