Why The Price Of Rigging Hardware Has Been Climbing?

Why the price of Chinese hardware has been climbing?

After the Spring Festival in 2018, we began to busy scheduling and quotations, but the price is getting higher and higher, some old customers will ask why the price has risen, in fact, as a manufacturer we are helpless, really is the trend .

Since 2017, China has intensified its efforts on environmental protection and made the manufacturing industry, which was originally struggling to survive, more difficult. The accompanying butterfly effect is that material prices, packaging money, prices rise, prices rise Workers' wages began to be ready to go. In 2018, TERADA HARDWARE's workers were fairly stable, but many of the supporting factories responded that it was very difficult for them to hire because no one was available, China was a populous country, why no one was available, it was not nobody, nobody was willing to work as a worker . Nowadays, young people prefer to take the January 3,000 wage and do not want to do factory work in January 4500. Tired, dirty and disgraceful are factory labels. Some even prefer to play at home, nor into the factory. So delivery cycle is more and more supporting plant common problem.

Dear customer, we would like to keep the price stable and also want to deliver as soon as possible, but sometimes it is really a last resort delay. Hope you understand that Terada Hardware will try its best to circumvent these problems, maintain stable price and better delivery for rigging hardware and cable railing hardware. Now whether it is eye nut, wire rope clips or lifting hook and snap hook, are in orderly production, but once the production is completed, we will promptly notify the relevant personnel. At the same time hope that if you have stainless shackle, open body turnbuckle and closed body turnbuckle of the procurement plan, please arrange as soon as possible to avoid the peak procurement.

A sincere supplier, reputable manufacturers, looking forward to cooperating with you, some products for sale, Welcome to our website to browse the products you are interested in.

(TERADA HARDWARE/www.teradahardware.com)

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