Why Use Ear Loop Extender For Kid?

Why Use Ear Loop Extender for Kid?

Protect The Ears: The ear loop extender for kid has various colors, which are suitable for girls, boys, adults or kids. Designed in different colors with a cartoon on them, that makes the strap interesting for the Kids. Decorate your mask with the color you like.

Adjustable Ear Hook: 4 gears adjustable ear loop extender for kid, ear protector special for reducing the pain and pressure of long time wearing a mask in the ear. It can solve the problem of wearing a face mask too tightly for large faces, and it can also solve the problem of thin faces and children wearing too loose masks and easily fall off.

Easy to Use: The ear loop extender for kid is easy and convenient to wear compatible with most ear cups on the market and relieves the ears of pressure and fatigue Hang the side of the mask bukle ear strap on the ear protecter buckle. Put on a mas-k and hang the ear strap on the other side from the back of the head to the ear protector clip.

Broad Adaptability: This ear loop extender for kid is made of silicone, which is easy to clean and reuse, fits perfectly to your head, maximum comfort design, tasteless, long life.

Relieving Ear Pain: Wearing kid mask for a long time can easily hurt ears, causing ear swelling. With the ear loop extender for kid, you will no longer worry about hurting your ears because its soft and comfortable wearing which can relieve ear pain, redness and discomfort caused by mask.

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