With the outbreak of the epidemic and the spread of smart medical care, efforts have also been made

The outbreak and spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has touched the hearts of people across the country. In this context, security companies involved in smart medical care have also devoted themselves to the fight against the “epidemic”.

Yitu Medical is committed to quickly embedding medical AI products into clinical workflows, helping to improve China’s medical service level and optimizing diagnosis and treatment capabilities, improve medical productivity with artificial intelligence technology, and expand new medical frontiers. In order to meet the growing needs of health knowledge education, symptom self-testing, online triage registration, etc., Yitu Medical quickly developed a “new crown pneumonia” intelligent identification service for this epidemic – Yitu New Coronary Pneumonia Xiaoyi Doctor, and opened it up The interface is fully guaranteed for access by medical institutions, especially those in key epidemic areas.


On February 5, the intelligent imaging evaluation system for novel coronavirus pneumonia developed by Yitu Medical was deployed in Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, and the First People’s Hospital of Jingzhou City. It was immediately put into use in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and the whole system was deployed across provinces and different places in less than 24 hours.

Based on the existing SenseCare smart diagnosis and treatment platform, SenseTime has made rapid upgrades for the new coronary pneumonia, and actively supported hospitals and cooperative medical institutions in many places. Through AI, the lung CT images of suspected patients are automatically detected, localized, and multi-dimensional analysis of the degree of diffuseness are generated, and automatic reports are generated to help medical staff quickly screen suspected new crown cases and isolate and further diagnose. At the same time, the follow-up function of the product It can also help doctors to accurately and quantitatively evaluate the treatment effect of patients.

In addition, based on the long-term research and accumulation of AI pharmacology and AI gene analysis, the SenseTime Smart Health team has cooperated with many professional medical institutions and scientific research universities such as Zhiben Medical to carry out related treatment plans for “new crown” biological macromolecules. Research.

With more than 20 years of rich industry experience in the medical and health fields, Neusoft Group cooperates with the Neusoft Big Health Industry Alliance to provide large-scale medical imaging equipment, timely help medical institutions to upgrade information systems, and use Internet medical Xikangyun Hospital. The platform has set up a free “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Consultation Zone” and the push of prevention and control expertise, and the “epidemic self-reporting” platform to help the grassroots collect personnel information.

In the race against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Neusoft Group launched a series of intelligent terminal products such as Neusoft intelligent information collection system, temperature measurement prevention and control/intelligent inspection robot, Neusoft medical assistant robot, Neusoft disinfection safety guard robot, and Neusoft delivery knight robot. , its subsidiary Neusoft Medical Innovation launched a mobile CT scanning unit – “Thor”.

In the field of medical and epidemic prevention, Yinjiang Health’s brain has been controlled layer by layer, and a joint epidemic prevention and control platform from hospitals to individuals has been established. Through the healthy brain, Yinjiang Group helps medical staff to search and analyze at any time. By building a regional medical data center, a medical information integration platform has been established among different medical institutions to realize data fusion, information sharing and resource exchange. It is reported that Yinjiang Healthy Brain has been deployed in more than 20 hospitals across the country.

As a R&D and production enterprise of hospital operating rooms and purification systems, Dashi Jiuxin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dashi Intelligent, launched the “Standard Negative Pressure Isolation Ward and Emergency Negative Pressure Isolation Ward Solutions”, promising to provide operating rooms and purification systems for hospitals in Wuhan voluntarily operation and maintenance services.

At present, Tongji Hospital and Xiehe Hospital, which are fighting on the front line of the epidemic, have operating rooms and purification systems provided by Dashi Jiuxin. It is reported that Dashi Jiuxin donated 350 sets of medical purifiers to Wuhan Xiehe, Tongji and other major hospitals, worth about 2.45 million yuan. In addition, Dashi Jiuxin also purchased a batch of protective equipment worth more than 1 million yuan from Japan to donate and support the fight against the epidemic.

Conclusion: The medical industry is very different from the Internet environment: resources are relatively scarce and monopolized, data is closed, policies are highly regulated, and the market is fragmented. Therefore, security companies that actively deploy smart medical care need to have a strong endorsement in order to give full play to their value and make the society better and safer.

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